Version: 2021.3
Language : English
Implementing IAP products
Managing and publishing your game on the UDP console

Testing your game in the UDP sandbox

Before you can release your game for the first time and repack for the app stores, test your game in the sandbox environment. You must:

  • Initialize UDP in the sandbox at least once (for all games)
    • Call the Initialize() method
  • Complete an IAP purchase in the sandbox at least once (if your game has IAPs)
    • Call the Purchase() method

This is to ensure that the UDP implementation works for a simple and nominal case. Unity recommends you test your UDP methods more extensively. After your first release, you do not need to retest in the sandbox to release new revisions of your game on UDP.

Note: If you test your game in the Unity Editor Play mode, all IAP transactions are successful and are automatically consumed. This is not connected to the UDP console and is not sufficient to clear sandbox testing.

To test your game in the sandbox:

  1. In the Unity Distribution Portal tab of the Project Settings window, go to the UDP Sandbox Test accounts section and create login credentials for the sandbox environment.
    If you have already added credentials in the UDP console, you can use those.
  2. Run your game on an Android device or emulator.
    When your game launches it should call the Initialize method, which displays the login screen automatically in the sandbox environment. If you didn’t call Initialize on game launch, trigger the necessary step to call Initialize.
    1. Enter your login credentials for the sandbox test account.
      This is all that’s required to check that the game initializes.
    2. For IAP games, make a purchase to test your IAP purchases.
      No real transaction is made in the sandbox environment.

When each test is successful:

  • The sandbox environment displays a toast notification
  • The UDP sandbox updates the Sandbox Testing section of the UDP console to display a green Tested status for the corresponding test

When all required tests are successful, the left panel of the Game Info page displays a green tick to confirm you’ve cleared sandbox testing. You can now complete any remaining steps on your Game Info page to release your first revision and submit it to stores.

The sandbox login credentials only work with the generic UDP build for the sandbox environment. When UDP repacks your build for the real app stores, UDP removes the sandbox environment and login page, and patches in the store-specific SDK. The store-specific SDK in the build ensures IAP transactions work with that store’s payment system.

Note: Sandbox mode also supports server-side validation.


Check your UDP and/or IAP implementation if any IAP-related issues arise, such as:

  • No login screen appearing
  • No IAP products retrieved
  • Unresponsive purchase buttons
  • Inability to complete a purchase

For further troubleshooting information, check the UDP Package documentation or contact the UDP support team via the “Contact Support” link on the UDP Console.

Implementing IAP products
Managing and publishing your game on the UDP console