Version: 2021.3
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Adaptive Performance Samsung Android

Adaptive Performance



The Adaptive Performance package provides an API to get feedback about the thermal and power state of mobile devices, enabling applications to make performance-relevant adaptions at runtime.

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Version information

Released for Unity

Package version 4.0.1 is released for Unity Editor version 2021.3.

Compatible with Unity

These package versions are available in Unity version 2021.3:

Documentation location: State Versions available:
com.unity.adaptiveperformance@5.0 compatible 5.0.0-pre.1
com.unity.adaptiveperformance@4.0 released 4.0.1


mobile , adaptive , performance , utility , utilities , core , samsung , ap , provider , subsystem , indexer , scaler , vrr , boost , profiles , cluster , clusterinfo

2D Tilemap Extras
Adaptive Performance Samsung Android