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Create immersive virtual realityA system that immerses users in an artificial 3D world of realistic images and sounds, using a headset and motion tracking. More info
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experiences with Unity’s VR feature set. The VR feature set provides a starting point for VR development, installing all relevant packages necessary to add interactivity to your apps.

Getting started

The Unity VR feature set pre-installs the packages you need for VR development. With OpenXR, you can simplify your VR development by targeting a wide range of VR devices. Alternatively, develop directly for the Oculus platform with the Oculus XRAn umbrella term encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) applications. Devices supporting these forms of interactive applications can be referred to as XR devices. More info
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Unity directly supports the following VR platforms:

For more information on how to start developing applications for these platforms in Unity, see the documentation in the list above.

If you plan to target Valve’s OpenVR platform, you must download Valve’s OpenVR Unity XR Plugin and SteamVR Unity Plugin for input.


To configure your Unity project for ARAugmented Reality (AR) uses computer graphics or video composited on top of a live video feed to augment the view and create interaction with real and virtual objects.
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, see Configuring your Unity project for XR.


The VR feature set contains the following packages:


To learn more about Unity’s full suite of AR platforms, watch the Getting Started with XR session from Unite Now 2020.

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Reach out and connect with our developer community in Unity’s VR forum.

Public roadmap

We’re on a mission to provide the best development platform for creating AR/VR experiences that distribute seamlessly to your target platforms. To understand our future trajectory, refer to the AR/VR product roadmap.

AR feature set
Engineering feature set