Version: 2018.4
  • C#


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Structure to hold camera data extracted from a SketchUp file.

When importing a SketchUp file, Unity retrieves the current camera view the file is saved with and the camera view of all the scenes in the SketchUp file. The camera data of each Scene is stored in SketchUpImportScene

This can be extracted later from SketchUpImporter.


aspectRatioAspect ratio of the camera.
fieldOfViewField of view of the camera.
isPerspectiveIndicate if the camera is using a perspective or orthogonal projection.
lookAtThe position the camera is looking at.
orthoSizeThe orthogonal projection size of the camera. This value only make sense if SketchUpImportCamera.isPerspective is false.
positionThe position of the camera.
upUp vector of the camera.