Version: 2018.4
  • C#


class in UnityEngine.EventSystems


Inherits from:EventSystems.BaseEventData

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Event payload associated with pointer (mouse / touch) events.


buttonThe InputButton for this event.
clickCountNumber of clicks in a row.
clickTimeThe last time a click event was sent.
deltaPointer delta since last update.
draggingDetermines whether the user is dragging the mouse or trackpad.
enterEventCameraThe camera associated with the last OnPointerEnter event.
hoveredList of objects in the hover stack.
lastPressThe GameObject for the last press event.
pointerCurrentRaycast RaycastResult associated with the current event.
pointerDragThe object that is receiving OnDrag.
pointerEnterThe object that received 'OnPointerEnter'.
pointerIdIdentification of the pointer.
pointerPressThe GameObject that received the OnPointerDown.
pointerPressRaycastReturns the RaycastResult associated with a mouse click, gamepad button press or screen touch.
positionCurrent pointer position.
pressEventCameraThe camera associated with the last OnPointerPress event.
pressPositionThe screen space coordinates of the last pointer click.
rawPointerPressThe object that the press happened on even if it can not handle the press event.
scrollDeltaThe amount of scroll since the last update.
useDragThresholdShould a drag threshold be used?

Public Methods

IsPointerMovingIs the pointer moving.
IsScrollingIs scroll being used on the input device.

Inherited Members


usedIs the event used?
currentInputModuleA reference to the BaseInputModule that sent this event.
selectedObjectThe object currently considered selected by the EventSystem.

Public Methods

ResetReset the event.
UseUse the event.