Version: 2018.4
  • C#
Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


class in UnityEditor.Experimental.UIElements.GraphView


Inherits from:Experimental.UIElements.Manipulator

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Manipulator that allows zooming in GraphView.

Static Properties

DefaultMaxScaleDefault max zoom level.
DefaultMinScaleDefault min zoom level.
DefaultReferenceScaleDefault reference zoom level.
DefaultScaleStepDefault zoom step.


keepPixelCacheOnZoomOptimization option to keep the old pixel cache while zooming and only updating it when zooming is finished (based on a timer).
maxScaleMax zoom level.
minScaleMin zoom level.
referenceScaleReference zoom level.
scaleStepZoom step: percentage of variation between a zoom level and the next. For example, with a value of 0.15, which represents 15%, a zoom level of 200% will become 230% when zooming in.


ContentZoomerContentZoomer constructor.

Protected Methods

RegisterCallbacksOnTargetCalled to register click event callbacks on the target element.
UnregisterCallbacksFromTargetCalled to unregister event callbacks from the target element.

Inherited Members


targetThe element that handles the interaction.