Version: 2018.4
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.Build.Content


Implemented in:UnityEditor

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Low level interface for building content for Unity.

Note: this class and its members exist to provide low-level support for the Scriptable Build Pipeline package. This is intended for internal use only; use the Scriptable Build Pipeline package to implement a fully featured build pipeline. You can install this via the Unity Package Manager.

Static Methods

ArchiveAndCompressCombines resource files into a single archive and compresses them based on the passed in options.
CalculateBuildUsageTagsCalculates the build usage of a set of objects.
GenerateAssetBundleBuildsReturns an array of AssetBundleBuild structs that detail the current asset bundle layout set in the AssetDatabase.
GetPlayerDependenciesForObjectReturns a list of objects referenced by an object.
GetPlayerDependenciesForObjectsReturns a list of objects referenced by a set of objects.
GetPlayerObjectIdentifiersInAssetReturns a list of objects directly contained inside of an asset.
GetTypeForObjectGets the type of an object specified by an ObjectIdentifier.
GetTypeForObjectsGets the types of all the objects specified by ObjectIdentifiers.
PrepareSceneCalculates the Scene dependency information and writes a post processed Scene to disk.
WriteSceneSerializedFileWrites Scene objects to a serialized file on disk.
WriteSerializedFileWrites objects to a serialized file on disk.