Version: 2018.4
  • C#


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Attribute used to register a new SettingsProvider. Use this attribute to decorate a function that returns an instance of a SettingsProvider. If the function returns null, no SettingsProvider appears in the Settings window.

using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using UnityEditor;

class MyCustomSettingsProvider : SettingsProvider { const string k_MyCustomSettingsPath = "Resources/MyCustomSettings.asset"; public MyCustomSettingsProvider(string path, SettingsScope scope) : base(path, scope) {}

public static bool IsSettingsAvailable() { return File.Exists(k_MyCustomSettingsPath); }

[SettingsProvider] public static SettingsProvider CreateMyCustomSettingsProvider() { if (IsSettingsAvailable()) { return new MyCustomSettingsProvider("MyCustomSettings", SettingsScope.Project); }

// Settings Asset doesn't exist yet. No need to display anything in the Settings window. return null; } }


SettingsProviderAttributeCreates a new SettingsProviderAttribute used to register new SettingsProvider.