Version: 2018.4
  • C#
Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


class in UnityEditor.Experimental.U2D

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Use this attribute on a class that inherits from SpriteEditorModuleBase to indicate what data provider it needs.

When you use this attribute, Sprite Editor Window will only make the module available for selection if ISpriteEditorDataProvider.HasDataProvider returns true for all the data providers the module needs.

using UnityEditor.Experimental.U2D;
using UnityEngine;

[RequireSpriteDataProvider(typeof(ISpriteOutlineDataProvider), typeof(ITextureDataProvider))] public class MySpriteEditorCustomModule : SpriteEditorModuleBase { public override string moduleName { get { return "MySpriteEditorCustomModule"; } }

public override bool ApplyRevert(bool apply) { return true; }

public override bool CanBeActivated() { return true; }

public override void DoMainGUI() {}

public override void DoToolbarGUI(Rect drawArea) {}

public override void OnModuleActivate() { var outlineProvider = spriteEditor.GetDataProvider<ISpriteOutlineDataProvider>(); var spriteRects = spriteEditor.GetDataProvider<ISpriteEditorDataProvider>().GetSpriteRects(); foreach (var spriteRect in spriteRects) { // Access outline data Debug.Log(outlineProvider.GetOutlines(spriteRect.spriteID)); } }

public override void OnModuleDeactivate() {}

public override void DoPostGUI() {} }


RequireSpriteDataProviderAttributeUse the attribute to indicate the custom data provider that SpriteEditorBaseModule needs.