Version: 2021.2
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public static bool DataEquals(SerializedProperty x, SerializedProperty y);


Compares the data for two SerializedProperties. This method ignores paths and SerializedObjects.

using System;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class SerializedPropertyDataEqualsExample : ScriptableObject { [Serializable] public struct SomeData { public string aStringValue; public float aFloatValue; }

[Serializable] public struct SomeOtherData { public string anotherStringValue; public float anotherFloatValue; }

[SerializeField] SomeData someData; [SerializeField] SomeOtherData[] otherDataArray;

static bool AreBothPropertiesEquals() { // Create an instance of the ScriptableObject var testObject = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<SerializedPropertyDataEqualsExample>(); // Set the first class to some values testObject.someData.aStringValue = "ThisValue"; testObject.someData.aFloatValue = 5.1f; // Set the first array entry of the second class to the exact same values testObject.otherDataArray = new SomeOtherData[1]; testObject.otherDataArray[0].anotherStringValue = "ThisValue"; testObject.otherDataArray[0].anotherFloatValue = 5.1f;

var serializedObject = new SerializedObject(testObject); // Serialized property that refers to data from the first class var propertyOne = serializedObject.FindProperty("someData"); // SerializedProperty that refers to data from the first entry of the second class array var propertyTwo = serializedObject.FindProperty("[0]"); // Compare data from each SerializedProperty. bool result = SerializedProperty.DataEquals(propertyOne, propertyTwo);

serializedObject.Dispose(); DestroyImmediate(testObject); return result; }

[MenuItem("Example/SerializedPropertyDataEqualsExample")] static void TestMethod() { Debug.Log("Are properties equals ? " + AreBothPropertiesEquals()); } }