Version: 2021.2
  • C#


class in Unity.Profiling.Editor

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Represents a Profiler module in the Profiler window.

Use ProfilerModule to extend the Profiler window with custom Profiler modules. You can use ProfilerModule with the Profiling Core package, to expose and visualize performance metrics for your own systems in the Profiler window.

To define a ProfilerModule derived type, use an Editor script inside your project or package and attribute it with the ProfilerModuleMetadataAttribute. At a minimum, you must define the Profiler module’s name and chart counters, as shown below. The Profiler window automatically displays any ProfilerModule derived types present in your project.

using System;
using Unity.Profiling;
using Unity.Profiling.Editor;

[Serializable] [ProfilerModuleMetadata("Garbage Collection")] public class GarbageCollectionProfilerModule : ProfilerModule { static readonly ProfilerCounterDescriptor[] k_ChartCounters = new ProfilerCounterDescriptor[] { new ProfilerCounterDescriptor("GC Reserved Memory", ProfilerCategory.Memory), new ProfilerCounterDescriptor("GC Used Memory", ProfilerCategory.Memory), new ProfilerCounterDescriptor("GC Allocated In Frame", ProfilerCategory.Memory), };

public GarbageCollectionProfilerModule() : base(k_ChartCounters) { } }

When a Profiler module is selected in the Profiler window, Unity displays the module's Details View, which contains additional, relevant performance data. By default, a module’s Details View displays a list of its chart’s counters alongside their current values in the selected frame. You can implement a custom Details View to present a bespoke visualization of your performance data when the module is selected. For more information, see ProfilerModule.CreateDetailsViewController.

See Also: ProfilerModuleMetadataAttribute, ProfilerCounterDescriptor, ProfilerModuleChartType, ProfilerModuleViewController.


DisplayNameThe module’s display name.
ProfilerWindowThe Profiler window that the module instance belongs to.

Public Methods

CreateDetailsViewControllerCreates a View Controller object that draws the Profiler module’s Details View in the Profiler window. Unity calls this method automatically when the module is selected in the Profiler window.