Version: 2021.2
  • C#


class in UnityEngine.NVIDIA


Implemented in:UnityEngine.NVIDIAModule

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Provides the main entry point for the NVIDIA Module. Use this to interact with specific NVIDIA graphics card features.

Static Properties

deviceGets the device created by GraphicsDevice.CreateGraphicsDevice. If the device hasn't been created this property evaluates to null.
versionGets the version that corresponds to Unity's host plugin that manages the NVIDIA.NVUnityPlugin official library.

Public Methods

CreateDebugViewCreates an object containing debug information of the device.
CreateFeatureCreates a specific NVIDIA feature.
DeleteDebugViewDeletes a debug view created with GraphicsDevice.CreateDebugView.
DestroyFeatureDestroys a specific feature created with GraphicsDevice.CreateFeature.
ExecuteDLSSRecords the execution of DLSS into a rendering command buffer. This call does not execute the command buffer, it only appends custom commands into it.
GetOptimalSettingsReturns a structure containing the optimal settings for a specific target resolution and quality.
IsFeatureAvailableChecks if the current NVIDIA graphics card supports the feature you specify using the GraphicsDeviceFeature enum.
UpdateDebugViewUpdates a snapshpot of the debug information for the view object passed.

Static Methods

CreateGraphicsDeviceCreates the main API object. Call this method only once in your application.