Version: 2021.2
  • C#


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Evaluates simple math expressions; supports int / float and operators: + - * / % ^ ( ).

This class has a single generic static method Evaluate, that evaluates a mathematical expression and returns the result.

Supported number types are: int, float, long, double.

The expressions that can be evaluated support:

  • arithmetic operators a+b, a-b, a*b, a/b,
  • power (a^b) and modulo (a%b) operators,
  • parentheses,
  • math functions sqrt(a), floor(a), ceil(a), round(a),
  • trigonometic functions cos(a), sin(a), tan(a) (argument expressed in radians), and a constant pi.
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;

public class ExampleScript : MonoBehaviour { [MenuItem("Example/Int Expression")] public static void IntExample() { ExpressionEvaluator.Evaluate("2+3", out int result); // prints 5 Debug.Log(result); }

[MenuItem("Example/Float Expression")] public static void FloatExample() { ExpressionEvaluator.Evaluate("sqrt(cos(pi/3))", out float result); // prints 0.7071068 Debug.Log(result); } }

Static Methods

EvaluateEvaluates a math expression and returns the result.