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Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


class in UnityEditor.Experimental.AssetImporters


Implemented in:UnityEditor

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Defines the import context for scripted importers during an import event.

This class carries both input and output information for the OnImportAsset() task.


assetPathThe path of the source asset file to be imported.
mainObjectThe main object set on the AssetImportContext.
selectedBuildTargetThis indicates what platform the import event is targeting.

Public Methods

AddObjectToAssetAdds an object to the result of the import operation.
DependsOnSourceAssetCreates dependency between the asset and a source asset.
GetObjectsGets the list of objects set on the AssetImportContext.
LogImportErrorLogs an error message encountered during import.
LogImportWarningLogs a warning message encountered during import.
SetMainObjectSets the main object for import.

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