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Importer settings that can have platform-specific values.


aspectRatioHow the aspect ratio discrepancies, if any, will be handled if the chosen import resolution has a different ratio than the source.
bitrateModeBit rate type for the transcoded clip.
codecCodec that the resulting VideoClip will use.
customHeightHeight of the transcoded clip when the resizeMode is set to custom.
customWidthWidth of the transcoded clip when the resizeMode is set to custom.
enableTranscodingControls whether the movie file will be transcoded during import. When transcoding is not enabled, the file will be imported in its original format.
resizeModeHow to resize the images when going into the imported clip.
spatialQualityControls an internal image resize, resulting in blurrier images but smaller image dimensions and file size.


VideoImporterTargetSettingsConstructs an object with all members initialized with the default value inherent to their type.

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