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class in UnityEngine.Networking


Inherits from:Networking.DownloadHandler


Implemented in:UnityEngine.UnityWebRequestModule

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An abstract base class for user-created scripting-driven DownloadHandler implementations.

On its own, a DownloadHandlerScript object does no useful work.

Instead, it forwards data received from the network to the DownloadHandler.ReceiveData callback method, as well as invoking other useful callbacks for download-related events. By default, a DownloadHandlerScript does nothing; however, you can derive your own subclass from DownloadHandlerScript, override some or all of its callbacks and thereby implement completely custom data handling.

See Also: DownloadHandler.ReceiveData, DownloadHandler.ReceiveContentLength, DownloadHandler.CompleteContent.


DownloadHandlerScriptCreate a DownloadHandlerScript which allocates new buffers when passing data to callbacks.

Inherited Members


dataReturns the raw bytes downloaded from the remote server, or null. (Read Only)
isDoneReturns true if this DownloadHandler has been informed by its parent UnityWebRequest that all data has been received, and this DownloadHandler has completed any necessary post-download processing. (Read Only)
textConvenience property. Returns the bytes from data interpreted as a UTF8 string. (Read Only)

Public Methods

DisposeSignals that this DownloadHandler is no longer being used, and should clean up any resources it is using.

Protected Methods

CompleteContentCallback, invoked when all data has been received from the remote server.
GetDataCallback, invoked when the data property is accessed.
GetProgressCallback, invoked when UnityWebRequest.downloadProgress is accessed.
GetTextCallback, invoked when the text property is accessed.
ReceiveContentLengthCallback, invoked with a Content-Length header is received.
ReceiveDataCallback, invoked as data is received from the remote server.

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