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Script interface for font assets.

You can use this class to dynamically switch fonts on Text Meshes.

See Also: TextMesh.


ascentEl tamaño por defecto de la fuente.
characterInfoAccess an array of all characters contained in the font texture.
dynamicIs the font a dynamic font.
fontSizeEl tamaño por defecto de la fuente.
lineHeightEl tamaño por defecto de la fuente.
materialThe material used for the font display.


FontCrear una nueva fuente.

Funciones Públicas

GetCharacterInfoGet rendering info for a specific character.
HasCharacter¿Contiene esta fuente un carácter específico?
RequestCharactersInTextureRequest characters to be added to the font texture (dynamic fonts only).

Funciones Estáticas

CreateDynamicFontFromOSFontCreates a Font object which lets you render a font installed on the user machine.
GetMaxVertsForStringReturns the maximum number of verts that the text generator may return for a given string.
GetOSInstalledFontNamesGet names of fonts installed on the machine.
GetPathsToOSFontsGets the file paths of the fonts that are installed on the operating system.


textureRebuiltSet a function to be called when the dynamic font texture is rebuilt.