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Stores platform specifics settings of a TextureImporter.

See Also: TextureImporter.


allowsAlphaSplittingAllows Alpha splitting on the imported texture when needed (for example ETC1 compression for textures with transparency).
androidETC2FallbackOverrideOverride for ETC2 decompression fallback on Android devices that don't support ETC2.
compressionQualityQuality of texture compression in the range [0..100].
crunchedCompressionUse crunch compression when available.
formatFormato de la textura importada.
maxTextureSizeTamaño máximo de la textura.
nameName of the build target.
overriddenSet to true in order to override the Default platform parameters by those provided in the TextureImporterPlatformSettings structure.
resizeAlgorithmFor Texture to be scaled down choose resize algorithm. ( Applyed only when Texture dimension is bigger than Max Size ).
textureCompressionCompression of imported texture.

Funciones Públicas

CopyToCopy parameters into another TextureImporterPlatformSettings object.