Version: 2020.3
在 Unity Cloud Build 中使用可寻址资源
JSON 格式的编译清单


It’s often useful for your game’s runtime code to know key information about the build itself. Information like the name and number of the build is very useful when reporting bugs or tracking analytics. To help facilitate this, Cloud Build injects a “manifest” into your game at build time, so that this key data is accessible later at runtime.

Unity Cloud Build 清单以 JSON 格式的 TextAsset 形式提供。此清单存储为游戏资源,可通过 Resources.Load() 访问。编译清单包含以下值:

值: 属性:
scmCommitId 已编译的提交或变更列表。
scmBranch 已编译的分支的名称。
buildNumber The Cloud Build “build number” corresponding to this build.
buildStartTime The UTC timestamp when the build process started.
projectId Unity 项目标识符。
bundleId The bundleIdentifier configured in Cloud Build (iOS and Android only).
unityVersion The version of Unity that Cloud Build used to create the build.
xcodeVersion The version of XCode used to build the Project (iOS only).
cloudBuildTargetName 已编译的编译目标的名称。

称为 UnityCloudBuildManifest.json 的清单 TextAsset 会写入到 Assets/UnityCloud/Resources 文件夹中。

For local testing

To test the build manifest functionality locally, name your file UnityCloudBuildManifest.json.txt. Don’t commit this file to your project’s Assets/UnityCloud/Resources folder in your code repository because it might interfere with the Unity Cloud Build manifest file.

Using the manifest


在 Unity Cloud Build 中使用可寻址资源
JSON 格式的编译清单