Version: 2020.3
Importing an Asset Store package
Updating your Asset Store package


Note: The information on this page applies only to packages installed from the Unity Registry, a scoped registry, or from a local source. To update packages installed from a Git URL, you can either re-install it as a Git dependency using a new revision or re-install it from the Unity Registry. For more information about how to specify revisions with Git dependencies, see Targeting a specific revision.

You can update a package while in the In Project, Unity Registry, or My Registries context:

  1. Open the Package Manager window and select In Project from the Packages drop-down menu.

    Switch the context to In Project
    Switch the context to In Project




![Partially expanded list shows only the currently installed version, the recommended update, and the **See other versions** link](../uploads/Main/PackageManagerUI-AvailableUpdates.png) 

如果有可用更新,则会显示最新版本和经过验证的版本以及 **See all versions** 链接。

5.单击 See all versions 查看该包的所有可用版本列表。

![Expanded list shows all available versions](../uploads/Main/PackageManagerUI-AvailableVersions.png) 


7.单击 Update to 按钮。

![**Update to** button in the bottom right corner of the details view](../uploads/Main/upm-ui-update.png) 


注意:如果您切换到包的旧版本,则可能必须对包内容运行 API Updater

Importing an Asset Store package
Updating your Asset Store package