Version: 2020.3
Installing a package from a local tarball file

从 Git URL 安装

Package Manager 可以从远程服务器上的 Git 代码仓库加载包。

For more information about using Git dependencies with the Unity Package Manager, see the documentation on using Git URLs in your project manifest.

要从 Git URL 加载包,请执行以下操作:

1.在状态栏中单击添加 按钮。


![Add package from git URL 按钮](../uploads/Main/PackageManagerUI-GitURLPackageButton.png)

3.从添加菜单中选择 Add package from git URL。此时将显示一个文本框和 Add 按钮。

4.在文本框中输入有效的 Git URL,然后单击 Add

![输入 Git URL,然后单击 Add](../uploads/Main/PackageManagerUI-GitURLPackageButton-Add.png)

Unity supports several Git protocols and some custom or extended syntax. For more information about how to construct a valid Git URL, see [Git URLs and extended syntax](upm-git.html#syntax).

If Unity was able to install the package successfully, the package now appears in the package list with the tag. If Unity was not able to install the package, the Unity Console displays an error message, such as:

Click on an error message link to get some help for it on the Troubleshooting page.

Tip: If you want to update your Git dependency to a newer version from the repository, use the Add package from git URL button to enter a Git URL. For more information, see Locked Git dependencies.

Installing a package from a local tarball file