class in UnityEngine.Advertisements

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Unity Ads.

Variables Estáticas

debugModeControls the amount of logging output from the advertisement system.
gameIdReturns the game identifier for the current platform.
isInitializedReturns whether the advertisement system is initialized successfully.
isShowingReturns whether an advertisement is currently being shown.
isSupportedReturns if the current platform is supported by the advertisement system.
testModeReturns whether the testing mode is enabled.
versionReturns the current Unity Ads version.

Funciones Estáticas

GetPlacementStateReturns the placement state.
InitializeManually initializes the advertisement system. Normally this is done from editor, and you should only call this method if you are using UnityAds with automatic initialization disabled.
IsReadyReturns whether an advertisement is ready to be shown. Placements are configured per game in the UnityAds admin site, where you can also set your default placement.
SetMetaDataSets various metadata for Unity Ads.
ShowShow an advertisement in your project.