Version: 2017.1


struct in UnityEngine

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Script interface for the Limit Velocity Over Lifetime module.


dampenControls how much the velocity that exceeds the velocity limit should be dampened.
enabledEnable/disable the Limit Force Over Lifetime module.
limitMaximum velocity curve, when not using one curve per axis.
limitMultiplierChange the limit multiplier.
limitXMaximum velocity curve for the X axis.
limitXMultiplierChange the limit multiplier on the X axis.
limitYMaximum velocity curve for the Y axis.
limitYMultiplierChange the limit multiplier on the Y axis.
limitZMaximum velocity curve for the Z axis.
limitZMultiplierChange the limit multiplier on the Z axis.
separateAxesSet the velocity limit on each axis separately.
spaceSpecifies if the velocity limits are in local space (rotated with the transform) or world space.