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Android specific player settings.

Variables Estáticas

androidIsGamePublish the build as a game rather than a regular application. This option affects devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and later
androidTVCompatibilityProvide a build that is Android TV compatible.
bundleVersionCodeAndroid bundle version code.
disableDepthAndStencilBuffersDisable Depth and Stencil Buffers.
forceInternetPermissionForce internet permission flag.
forceSDCardPermissionForce SD card permission.
keyaliasNameAndroid key alias name.
keyaliasPassAndroid key alias password.
keystoreNameAndroid keystore name.
keystorePassAndroid keystore password.
licenseVerificationLicense verification flag.
minSdkVersionThe minimum API level required for your application to run.
preferredInstallLocationPreferred application install location.
showActivityIndicatorOnLoadingApplication should show ActivityIndicator when loading.
splashScreenScaleAndroid splash screen scale mode.
targetDeviceAndroid target device.
targetSdkVersionThe target API level of your application.
useAPKExpansionFilesUse APK Expansion Files.