Version: 2017.1


struct in UnityEditor.Rendering

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Used to set up per-platorm per-shader-hardware-tier graphics settings.


cascadedShadowMapsAllows you to specify whether cascaded shadow maps should be used.
detailNormalMapAllows you to specify whether Detail Normal Map should be sampled if assigned.
enableLPPVAllows you to specify whether Light Probe Proxy Volume should be used.
hdrSetting this field to true enables HDR rendering for this tier. Setting it to false disables HDR rendering for this tier. See Also: High Dynamic Range rendering
hdrModeThe CameraHDRMode to use for this tier.
prefer32BitShadowMapsAllows you to specify whether Unity should try to use 32-bit shadow maps, where possible.
realtimeGICPUUsageThe RealtimeGICPUUsage to use for this tier.
reflectionProbeBlendingAllows you to specify whether Reflection Probes Blending should be enabled.
reflectionProbeBoxProjectionAllows you to specify whether Reflection Probes Box Projection should be used.
renderingPathThe rendering path that should be used.
semitransparentShadowsAllows you to specify whether Semitransparent Shadows should be enabled.
standardShaderQualityAllows you to select Standard Shader Quality.