Version: 2021.1
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注意:此页面上的信息仅适用于从 Unity Registry(一种作用域注册表, or from a local source安装的包。要更新从 Git URL 安装的包,可以使用新版本将其重新安装为 Git 依赖项或从 Unity Registry 重新安装。有关如何使用 Git 依赖项指定修订版的更多信息,请参阅以特定修订版本为目标

您可以在 In ProjectUnity RegistryMy Registries 中更新包:

1.打开 Package Manager 窗口,然后从 Packages 下拉菜单中选择 In Project

![将上下文切换为 **In Project**](../uploads/Main/upm-ui-inprojects.png)




![__Currently installed__ and __Recommended__ are the only versions available](../uploads/Main/PackageManagerUI-AvailableUpdates.png)

**Note**: If you see the __See other versions__ link after expanding the package, you can click it to see the list of all available versions for that package.
  1. Select any version of the current package to see the details specific to that version in the details view.

    详细信息视图右下角的 Update to 按钮
    详细信息视图右下角的 Update to 按钮

7.单击 Update to 按钮。

When the progress bar finishes, any new functionality is immediately available.

注意:如果您切换到包的旧版本,则可能必须对包内容运行 API Updater

导入 Asset Store 资源包
更新 Asset Store 资源包