Version: 2019.4
将单个文件发布到 Collaborate
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The Restore and Go back to… functions let you revert your entire Project to a previous version. You can then publish the retrieved Project as the current version in the cloud. Collaborate ensures that all versions of your Project are intact, even after a restore, and that you can access them at any time in the development cycle.

Note: This deletes all unpublished changes permanently and is irreversible.

要打开 Collab History 窗口,请在 Unity Editor 菜单栏上选择 Window > Asset Management > Collab History

要删除所有本地更改并从云端恢复最新版本,请在更改历史记录的头节点上单击 Restore 按钮。

To restore a version published earlier than the current version in the cloud, click the Go back to… button.

恢复操作将使用旧版本文件替换所有本地项目文件。这些文件现在将在 Collaborate 工具栏中列为已修改状态。文件或文件夹上的蓝色加号 (+) 表示它已修改。文件或文件夹上的蓝色箭头 (->) 意味着它是新文件(请参阅下图)。

要将恢复的版本发布为云端的最新修订版,请单击 Publish now! 按钮。



将单个文件发布到 Collaborate
进行中 (In-Progress) 编辑通知