Version: 2022.3
Gizmos 菜单

Scene view View Options toolbar

You can use the Scene view View Options toolbar Overlay to choose various options for viewing the Scene and to enable/disable lighting and audio. These controls only affect the Scene view during development and have no effect on the built game.

绘制模式 (Draw mode) 菜单

The first dropdown menu selects which Draw Mode will be used to depict the Scene. The available options are:

绘制模式 功能
Shading Mode
Shaded 显示表面时使纹理可见。
Wireframe 使用线框表示形式绘制网格。
Shaded Wireframe Show meshes textured and with wireframes overlaid.
Shadow Cascades 显示方向光阴影级联
Render Paths Show the rendering path for each GameObject using a color code:

Blue indicates deferred shading
Yellow indicates forward rendering
Red indicates vertex lit
Alpha Channel 以 Alpha 渲染颜色。
Overdraw 将游戏对象渲染为透明的“轮廓”。透明的颜色会累积,因此可以轻松找到一个对象绘制在另一个对象上的位置。
Mipmaps Show ideal texture sizes using a color code:

Red indicates that the texture is larger than necessary (at the current distance and resolution)
Blue indicates that the texture might be larger. The ideal texture sizes depend on the resolution at which your application will run and how close the Camera can get to particular surfaces.
Texture Streaming Tint GameObjects green, red, or blue, depending on their status in the Texture Streaming system. For more information, see documentation on Texture Streaming debugging.
精灵遮罩 (Sprite Mask) 精灵遮罩用于隐藏或显示精灵或精灵组的各个部分。有关更多信息,请参阅精灵遮罩
Deferred 通过这些模式,可以单独查看 G 缓冲区的每个元素(AlbedoSpecularSmoothnessNormal)。请参阅有关延迟着色的文档以了解更多信息。
Global Illumination 可使用以下模式来可视化全局光照系统的各个方面:SystemsClusteringLit ClusteringUV ChartsContributors/Receivers。请参阅有关 GI 可视化的文档以了解每种模式。
实时全局光照 The following modes are available to help visualize aspects of the Enlighten Realtime Global Illumination system: Albedo, Emissive, Indirect, and Directionality. See documentation on GI Visualisations for information about each of these modes.
烘焙全局光照 可使用以下模式来可视化烘焙全局光照系统的各个方面:Baked Light MapDirectionalityShadowmaskAlbedoEmissiveUV ChartsTexel ValidityUV OverlapBaked Lightmap CullingLightmap IndicesLight Overlap。请参阅有关 GI 可视化的文档以了解每种模式。
Material Validator 材质验证器 (Material Validator) 有两种模式:AlbedoMetal Specular。使用这些模式可以检查基于物理的材质是否使用建议范围内的值。请参阅基于物理的材质验证器以了解更多信息。

2D, lighting and Audio switches

Render Mode 菜单的右侧有三个按钮,用于打开或关闭 Scene 视图的某些选项:

  • 2D: switches between 2D and 3D view for the Scene. In 2D mode the camera is oriented looking towards positive z, with the x-axis pointing right and the y-axis pointing up.
  • Lighting:打开或关闭 Scene 视图光照(光源、对象着色等)。
  • Audio:打开或关闭 Scene 视图音频效果。

Effects button and menu

The menu (activated by the icon to the right of the Audio button) has options to enable or disable rendering effects in the Scene view.

  • Skybox:在场景的背景中渲染的天空盒纹理
  • Fog:视图随着与摄像机之间的距离变远而逐渐消褪到单调颜色。
  • Flares:光源上的镜头光晕。
  • Always Refresh:定义动画化的材质是否显示动画。选中后,任何基于时间的效果(例如,着色器)都将成为动画。例如,场景效果(如在地形上舞动的草)。
  • 后期处理:添加后期处理效果。
  • 粒子系统:显示 粒子系统效果。

The Effects button itself acts as a switch that enables or disables all the selected effects at once.


The Scene visibility switch toggles Scene visibility for GameObjects on and off. When it’s on, Unity applies the Scene visibility settings. When it’s off, Unity ignores them.


Camera settings menu

摄像机设置菜单包含用于配置 Scene 视图摄像机的选项。如需了解更多信息,请参阅摄像机设置文档。

Gizmos 菜单

The Gizmos menu contains options for how objects, icons, and gizmos are displayed. This menu is available in both the Scene view and the Game view. See documentation on the Gizmos Menu manual page for more information.

  • 2019.1 中添加了场景可见性开关 NewIn20191
  • 在 2019.1 中添加了 Scene 视图摄像机设置
  • 在 2019.1 中添加了 Component Editor Tools 面板开关
  • Toolbar moved to Overlays in 2021.2
Gizmos 菜单