Version: 2022.3
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Scene 视图

The Scene view is where you visualize and interact with the world you create in the Editor. In the Scene view, you can select, manipulate, and modify GameObjects that act as scenery, characters, cameras, lights, and more.

Topic 描述
Overlays Manage the persistent, customizable panels and toolbars that contain Scene view authoring tools.
Position GameObjects Modify the Transform values of GameObjects.
Scene view navigation Move around the Scene view efficiently.
Scene view Camera Configure the Scene Camera.
Pick and select GameObjects Select GameObjects in the Scene view and manage their pickability.
Scene visibility Hide and display GameObjects in the Scene view.
Scene view View Options toolbar Select view options for the Scene View and enable or disable lighting and audio.
Gizmos menu Hide and display gizmos in the Scene view.
Custom Editor tools Create Editor tools to use in the Scene view.
Project 窗口