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macOS development
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Deep linking for macOS

Deep links are hyperlinks that take a user to a specific location within an app rather than a website. When a user clicks a deep link, the application opens from the designated location, such as a specific scene in a Unity application. There are two ways to enable deep links for macOS applications: URL schemes and universal links.

For information on how to use deep links and handle them when your application opens, refer to Using deep links.

URL schemes

A URL scheme specifies a link structure that your macOS application refers to. The device opens the application when the user clicks a deep link that matches the URL scheme structure. To add a URL scheme, use the following:

  1. Go to Edit > Project Settings > Player > Other Settings.
  2. In the Mac Configuration section, set the following properties:
    • Size property to 1.
    • Element 0 property to the URL scheme to use with your application. For example, use unitydl to open your application when the device processes a link that starts with unitydl://.
Supported URL schemes settings for macOS.
Supported URL schemes settings for macOS.

Note: To use multiple URL schemes in your project, increase the value of the Size property.

Universal links

Universal links are similar to deep links because they open a specific location within an app. However, if the app isn’t installed, a universal link opens a URL in Safari. To enable universal links, refer to Apple’s documentation on Allowing Apps and Websites to Link to Your Content.


macOS development
Use IL2CPP with macOS