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Namespace: UnityEngine

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Access system information.

Static Variables

deviceModel The model of the device (Read Only).
deviceName The user defined name of the device (Read Only).
deviceType Returns the kind of device the application is running on.
deviceUniqueIdentifier A unique device identifier. It is guaranteed to be unique for every device (Read Only).
graphicsDeviceID The identifier code of the graphics device (Read Only).
graphicsDeviceName The name of the graphics device (Read Only).
graphicsDeviceVendor The vendor of the graphics device (Read Only).
graphicsDeviceVendorID The identifier code of the graphics device vendor (Read Only).
graphicsDeviceVersion The graphics API version supported by the graphics device (Read Only).
graphicsMemorySize Amount of video memory present (Read Only).
graphicsPixelFillrate Approximate pixel fill-rate of the graphics device (Read Only).
graphicsShaderLevel Graphics device shader capability level (Read Only).
npotSupport What NPOT (ie, non-power of two resolution) support does the GPU provide? (Read Only)
operatingSystem Operating system name with version (Read Only).
processorCount Number of processors present (Read Only).
processorType Processor name (Read Only).
supportedRenderTargetCount How many simultaneous render targets (MRTs) are supported? (Read Only)
supports3DTextures Are 3D (volume) textures supported? (Read Only)
supportsAccelerometer Is an accelerometer available on the device?
supportsComputeShaders Are compute shaders supported? (Read Only)
supportsGyroscope Is a gyroscope available on the device?
supportsImageEffects Are image effects supported? (Read Only)
supportsInstancing Is GPU draw call instancing supported? (Read Only)
supportsLocationService Is the device capable of reporting its location?
supportsRenderTextures Are render textures supported? (Read Only)
supportsRenderToCubemap Are cubemap render textures supported? (Read Only)
supportsShadows Are built-in shadows supported? (Read Only)
supportsSparseTextures Are sparse textures supported? (Read Only)
supportsStencil Is the stencil buffer supported? (Read Only)
supportsVibration Is the device capable of providing the user haptic feedback by vibration?
systemMemorySize Amount of system memory present (Read Only).

Static Functions

SupportsRenderTextureFormat Is render texture format supported?