Version: 2021.3
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Building options. Multiple options can be combined together.

Additional resources: BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer.


NonePerform the specified build without any special settings or extra tasks.
DevelopmentBuild a development version of the player.
AutoRunPlayerRun the built player.
ShowBuiltPlayerShow the built player.
BuildAdditionalStreamedScenesBuild a compressed asset bundle that contains streamed Scenes loadable with the UnityWebRequest class.
AcceptExternalModificationsToPlayerUsed when building Xcode (iOS) or Eclipse (Android) projects.
CleanBuildCacheClear all cached build results, resulting in a full rebuild of all scripts and all player data.
ConnectWithProfilerStart the player with a connection to the profiler in the editor.
AllowDebuggingAllow script debuggers to attach to the Player remotely. You can debug your scripts only if you use BuildOptions.Development.
SymlinkSourcesSymlink sources when generating the project. This is useful if you're changing source files inside the generated project and want to bring the changes back into your Unity project or a package.
UncompressedAssetBundleDon't compress the data when creating the asset bundle.
ConnectToHostSets the Player to connect to the Editor.
CustomConnectionIDDetermines if the player should be using the custom connection ID.
BuildScriptsOnlyOnly build the scripts in a Project.
PatchPackagePatch a Development app package rather than completely rebuilding it.Supported platforms: Android.
ForceEnableAssertionsInclude assertions in the build. By default, the assertions are only included in development builds.
CompressWithLz4Use chunk-based LZ4 compression when building the Player.
CompressWithLz4HCUse chunk-based LZ4 high-compression when building the Player.
StrictModeDo not allow the build to succeed if any errors are reporting during it.
IncludeTestAssembliesBuild will include Assemblies for testing.
NoUniqueIdentifierWill force the buildGUID to all zeros.
WaitForPlayerConnectionSets the Player to wait for player connection on player start.
EnableCodeCoverageEnables code coverage. You can use this as a complimentary way of enabling code coverage on platforms that do not support command line arguments.
EnableDeepProfilingSupportEnables Deep Profiling support in the player.
DetailedBuildReportGenerates more information in the BuildReport.
ShaderLivelinkSupportEnable Shader Livelink support.