Version: 2021.3
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class in UnityEngine.XR


Inherits from:IntegratedSubsystem


Implemented in:UnityEngine.XRModule

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Allows external systems to provide dynamic meshes to Unity.

The XRMeshSubsystem enables external systems to provide dynamic meshes to Unity. The meshes are processed on background threads, including physics baking, so as not to block the main thread during execution. This is useful for that provide dynamic meshes during runtime, such as spatially-aware AR devices.


meshDensityCall this function to request a change in the density of the generated Meshes. Unity gives the density level as a value within the range 0.0 to 1.0 and the provider determines how to map that value to their implementation. Setting this value does not guarantee an immediate change in the density of any currently created Mesh and may only change the density for new or updated Meshes.

Public Methods

GenerateMeshAsyncRequests the generation of the Mesh with MeshId meshId. Unity calls onMeshGenerationComplete when generation finishes.
GetUpdatedMeshTransformsGets the updated mesh transforms.
SetBoundingVolumeSet the bounding volume to restrict the space in which Unity generates and tracks Meshes.The bounding volume is an Axis Aligned Bounding Box (AABB) centered at the origin and extends in each dimension as defined in extents.The units of measurement depend on the provider.
TryGetMeshInfosGets information about every Mesh the system currently tracks.

Inherited Members


runningWhether or not the subsystem is running.

Public Methods

DestroyDestroys this instance of a subsystem.
StartStarts an instance of a subsystem.
StopStops an instance of a subsystem.