Version: 2021.3
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The AssetBundle module implements the AssetBundle class and related APIs to load data from AssetBundles.


AssetBundleAssetBundles let you stream additional assets via the UnityWebRequest class and instantiate them at runtime. AssetBundles are created via BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundle.
AssetBundleCreateRequestAsynchronous create request for an AssetBundle.
AssetBundleManifestManifest for all the AssetBundles in the build.
AssetBundleRecompressOperationAsynchronous AssetBundle recompression from one compression method and level to another.
AssetBundleRequestAsynchronous load request from an AssetBundle.


BuildCompressionContains information about compression methods, compression levels and block sizes that are supported by Asset Bundle compression at build time and recompression at runtime.


AssetBundleLoadResultThe result of an Asset Bundle Load or Recompress Operation.
CompressionLevelCompression Levels relate to how much time should be spent compressing Assets into an Asset Bundle.
CompressionTypeCompression Method for Asset Bundles.