Version: 2020.1
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class in UnityEditor.PackageManager


Implemented in:UnityEditor

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Structure describing a Unity Package.

Either a reference to a package in a registry, to a revision of a source repository, a resource on the net or to a package available on disk.


assetPathThe asset path of the package in the AssetDatabase.
authorAn AuthorInfo instance of the author of the package.
categoryCategory of the package.
datePublishedThe date and time at which the package was published.
dependenciesAn array of DependencyInfos listing all the packages this package directly depends on.
descriptionDetailed description of the package.
displayNameFriendly display name of the package.
documentationUrlThe URL address of custom documentation for the package.
errorsThe errors associated with the package.
gitA GitInfo instance providing detailed information for a Git package.
isDirectDependencyIf the package is a direct dependency of the project.
keywordsAn array of keywords associated with the package.
nameUnique name of the package.
packageIdIdentifier of the package.
registryThe registry from which the Package Manager obtained this package.
repositoryA RepositoryInfo instance containing information the repository that the package is hosted on.
resolvedDependenciesAn array of DependencyInfos listing all the packages this package directly or indirectly depends to and the versions they resolved to.
resolvedPathThe local path of the project on disk.
sourceSource of the package contents.
statusThe status of the package.
typeType of the package.
versionVersion of the package.
versionsA VersionsInfo instance containing information about the available versions of the package.

Static Methods

FindForAssemblyRetrieves information about the package containing an Assembly, or the Assembly Definition used to build that Assembly.
FindForAssetPathRetrieves information about the package containing an asset based on the path of that asset.

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