Version: 2023.2
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Troubleshoot the Editor

The following sections explain how to troubleshoot and prevent problems with the Unity Editor in different situations. In general, make sure your computer meets all the system requirements, is up-to-date, and that you have the required user permissions in your system. Also, make backups regularly to protect your projects.


You can install different versions of the Editor in different folders. However, make sure you backup your projects as these might be upgraded by a newer version, and you won’t be able to open them in an older version of Unity. Refer to installing Unity for further information.

附加组件的许可证仅对具有相同主要版本号(例如 3.x 和 4.x)的 Unity 版本有效。如果升级到 Unity 的次要版本,例如 4.0 升级到 4.1,则将保留附加组件。


The Unity Hub is the primary method for all license management operations. For information about all license activation methods, refer to License activation methods.

If you experience issues activating your license, refer to License Troubleshooting.

If you still have problems activating your license or logging in to your user account, contact

Failure to Start

如果 Unity 在启动时崩溃,请首先要确保计算机符合最低系统要求。此外,还需要更新到最新的图形驱动程序和音频驱动程序。

If you get disk write errors, check your user account restrictions. When in macOS, note the “root user” is not recommended and Unity hasn’t been tested in this mode. Unity must always have write permissions for its folders, but if you are granting them manually check these folders:


  • Unity 的安装文件夹
  • %AllUsersProfile%\Unity(通常为 C:\ProgramData\Unity)
  • C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Unity
  • C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Unity

On macOS:

  • 包内容
  • /Library/Application Support/Unity
  • ~/Library/Logs/Unity

Some users have experienced difficulties when using hard disks formatted with non-native partitions, and using certain software to translate data between storage devices.


损坏的字体可能会导致 Unity 崩溃,可以按照以下步骤查找损坏的文件:


  1. 打开计算机上的“Windows”文件夹中的 fonts 文件夹。
  2. 从“View”菜单中选择“Details”。
  3. 检查“Size”列中是否有大小为“0”的字体(表示文件存在问题)。
  4. 删除损坏的字体并重新安装。

On macOS:

  1. 启动 Font Book 应用程序。
  2. 选择所有字体。
  3. 打开“File”菜单并选择“Validate Fonts”,随后有问题的字体将显示为无效。
  4. 删除损坏的字体并重新安装。


Corrupt Project or Installation

Unity might try to open a project that is corrupt, and this might include the default sample project. If this is the case, rename or move the folder of the project. After Unity starts correctly, you can restore the project’s folder if wished.

In the event of a corrupt installation, you might need to reinstall Unity. Refer to the instructions below.

In Windows, there might be problems like installation errors, registry corruption, conflicts, and other issues. For example, error 0xC0000005 means the program has attempted to access memory that it shouldn’t. If you added new hardware or drivers recently, remove and replace the hardware to determine if it’s causing the problem. Run diagnostics software and check information on troubleshooting the operating system.

Performance and Crashes

If the Editor runs slowly or crashes, particularly on builds, this might be caused by all of the available system resources being consumed. Close all other applications when you build the project. Clean up the system using its utilities, and consult the Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (MacOS) to find out if there are processes using lots of resources, for example memory. Sometimes virus protection software can slow down or even block the file system with its scanning process.

Project Loss

There are many factors that can destroy a project. The recommended best practice is that you constantly backup your projects to prevent unfortunate accidents. When in macOS, activate Time Machine using an external hard disk reserved for this sole purpose. After a loss you can try any of the file recovery utilities that exist, but sometimes this is irreversible.


Follow these steps to reinstall the Editor:

  1. Uninstall Unity. When in macOS, drag the Unity app to trash.

  2. 删除以下文件(如果存在):

    • Windows:
      • %AllUsersProfile%\Unity\(通常为 C:\ProgramData\Unity)
    • MacOS:
      • /Library/Application Support/Unity/
  3. 重新启动计算机。

  4. 由于原始安装可能已损坏,请从我们的网站下载最新版本:

  5. 重新安装 Unity。


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