Version: 2023.2

Sprite Atlas properties reference

To create a Sprite Atlas in Unity, go to Assets > Create > 2D > Sprite Atlas. Unity creates the Sprite Atlas in the Assets folder, with the file extension .spriteatlas.

精灵图集 (Sprite Atlas) Inspector 窗口
精灵图集 (Sprite Atlas) Inspector 窗口
属性 描述
类型 Set the Sprite Atlas’ Type to either Master or Variant. Master is the default Type setting. When you set this property to Variant, Unity reveals additional property settings. For more information about the two types, refer to Master and Variant Sprite Atlases.
Include in Build 选中此复选框可在当前构建中包含精灵图集资源。默认情况下会启用此选项。
Allow Rotation 选中此复选框允许在 Unity 将精灵打包到精灵图集时旋转精灵。这样可以最大限度提高组合后的纹理中的精灵密度,并且默认情况下会启用此选项。如果精灵图集包含画布 UI 元素纹理,请禁用此选项,因为 Unity 在打包期间旋转精灵图集中的纹理时,也会在场景中旋转它们的方向。
Tight Packing 选中此复选框可根据精灵轮廓而非默认矩形轮廓来打包精灵。这样可以最大限度提高组合后的纹理中的精灵密度,并且默认情况下会启用此选项。
Padding 定义精灵图集中各个精灵纹理之间的像素数。这是一个缓冲区,用于防止精灵图集中彼此相邻精灵之间的像素出现重叠。默认值为 4 个像素。
Read/Write Enabled Check this box to enable access to the Texture data from script functions (such as Texture2D.SetPixels, and other Texture2D functions). If you enable this property, Unity creates a copy of the Texture data. This doubles the amount of memory required for Texture Assets, and can negatively affect performance. This property is disabled by default. This property is only valid for uncompressed or DXT compressed Textures as Unity can’t read other types of compressed Textures.
Generate Mip Maps Check this box to enable mipmap generation. For more information, refer to the Generate Mip Maps property in Sprite (2D and UI) Import Settings.
sRGB Check this box to store Textures in gamma space. For more information, refer to the sRGB (Color Texture) property in Sprite (2D and UI) Import Settings.
Filter Mode Select how Unity filters packed Textures when they stretch during transformations. This setting overrides the Filter Mode setting of any packed Sprite in the Atlas. For more information, refer to the Filter Mode property in Sprite (2D and UI) Import Settings.
Default (Platform-specific overrides panel on the Texture Import Settings window) Sets the resolution, the file size with associated memory size requirements, the pixel dimensions, and the quality of your Textures for each target platform of the Sprite Atlas. This panel lets you override these settings on the individual Textures that the Sprite Atlas contains. For more information, refer to Platform-specific overrides.
Objects For Packing Unity packs all items in this list into the currently selected Sprite Atlas. For more information, refer to Selecting items for the Objects for Packing list.

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