Version: 2023.2

Search in the Editor

There are two types of search functionality available:

  • Unity Search (formerly QuickSearch)- more advanced search features including performing actions on the results. To open choose Edit > Search All, or in Preferences set the Search Engines to Default.

  • Legacy Search - the original search functionality for Unity, described below.

Legacy search functionality allows you to search the Scene view and Hierarchy window for GameObjects, and the Project window for assets.

每个搜索栏的基本工作流程都相同。要输入搜索词,请选择文本框并键入单词或短语。在您键入时,Unity 会自动搜索这些搜索词并提供结果。

某些搜索栏允许您按不同的条件进行搜索,例如名称、类型或标签。要选择搜索的条件,请选择搜索栏上的放大镜图标打开 Search 下拉菜单,然后选择要使用的条件。

To clear your search and return your GameObject or Asset list view to normal, empty the search bar or select the small x icon in the search bar.

Search for GameObjects in the Scene view and Hierarchy window

Scene 视图和 Hierarchy 窗口都有一个搜索栏,允许您按名称或类型搜索游戏对象。Scene 视图和 Hierarchy 窗口表示相同的信息,当您使用一个搜索栏时,Unity 会自动用相同的文本填充另一个搜索栏。

搜索词充当 Scene 视图和 Hierarchy 窗口中游戏对象的过滤器。

在 Scene 视图中,匹配搜索词的游戏对象带颜色显示。所有其他游戏对象显示为灰色。 在 Hierarchy 窗口中,匹配搜索词的游戏对象按字母顺序显示。所有其他游戏对象从视图中消失。

应用搜索过滤后的 Scene 和 Hierarchy 视图
应用搜索过滤后的 Scene 和 Hierarchy 视图

Search for assets in the Project view

Project 窗口有一个搜索栏,允许您按名称、类型或标签搜索资源。在搜索框中选择放大镜以定义搜索条件。

搜索词充当 Project 窗口中资源的过滤器。与搜索词匹配的资源按字母顺序显示。与搜索词不匹配的资源不会出现在结果中。


标签是一小段文本,可用于对特定资源进行分组。要查看现有标签的菜单,请导航到 Project 窗口标题并选择 Search by Label 按钮(标签图标)。从菜单中选择一个标签,以在项目中搜索分配有该标签的任何资源。


  1. Open the asset in the Inspector and find the preview panel at the bottom. This window might be minimized; if this is the case, click and drag the title bar upwards to expand it.

  2. 要打开标签菜单,请单击此面板的右下角显示的标签图标

  3. 要将现有标签添加到资源,请从此菜单中选择一个标签。当前应用于资源的标签旁边有一个复选标记。

  4. To add a new label, you first need to create one. Type your new label name into the text box shown at the top of the menu and press either Space or Enter. This creates a label which you can then add to any asset, and use to search in the Project window. Assets can have as many labels as desired and belong to several different label groups at once.