Version: 2017.3
public void SetComputeBufferParam (ComputeShader computeShader, int kernelIndex, string name, ComputeBuffer buffer);
public void SetComputeBufferParam (ComputeShader computeShader, int kernelIndex, int nameID, ComputeBuffer buffer);


computeShader ComputeShader to set parameter for.
kernelIndex Which kernel the buffer is being set for. See ComputeShader.FindKernel.
name シェーダーコードのバッファ変数の名前
nameID Property name ID. Use Shader.PropertyToID to get this ID.
buffer 設定するバッファ


Adds a command to set an input or output buffer parameter on a ComputeShader.

Buffers and textures are set per-kernel. Use ComputeShader.FindKernel to find kernel index by function name.

コンピュートバッファをカーネルに設定すると、append/consume カウンターの値は不変のままです。値を設定/リセットするには、ComputeBuffer.SetCounterValue を使用します。

See Also: DispatchCompute, SetComputeFloatParam, SetComputeFloatParams, SetComputeIntParam, SetComputeIntParams, SetComputeMatrixParam, SetComputeMatrixArrayParam, SetComputeVectorParam, SetComputeVectorArrayParam, SetComputeTextureParam.