public static void CopyCount (ComputeBuffer src, ComputeBuffer dst, int dstOffset);


src Append/consume buffer to copy the counter from.
dst A buffer to copy the counter to.
dstOffset Target byte offset in dst.


Copy counter value of append/consume buffer into another buffer.

Append/consume buffers keep track of the number of elements in them with a special counter variable. CopyCount takes an append/consume buffer as src, and copies its counter value into dst buffer at given byte offset.

This is most commonly used in conjunction with Graphics.DrawProceduralIndirect, to render arbitrary number of primitives without reading their count back to the CPU.

Note: On D3D11 there is a restriction on the dst buffer - it must have been created with a ComputeBufferType of ComputeBufferType.Raw or ComputeBufferType.IndirectArguments. On other platforms dst can be any type.