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Describe una colisión.

Collision information is passed to Collider.OnCollisionEnter, Collider.OnCollisionStay and Collider.OnCollisionExit events.

Note: The contact points are in world-space.

See Also: ContactPoint.


colliderEl Collider con el que chocamos (Read Only).
contactCountGets the number of contacts for this collision.
contactsThe contact points generated by the physics engine. You should avoid using this as it produces memory garbage. Use GetContact or GetContacts instead.
gameObjectThe GameObject whose collider you are colliding with. (Read Only).
impulseEl impulso total aplicado a este par de contacto para resolver la colisión.
relativeVelocityLa velocidad lineal relativa de los dos objetos que colisionan (Read Only).
rigidbodyEl Rigidbody con el que chocamos (Read Only). Toma valor null si el objeto con el que chocamos es un Collider sin un Rigidbody ligado a él.
transformEl Transform del objeto con el que chocamos (Read Only).

Funciones Públicas

GetContactGets the contact point at the specified index.
GetContactsRetrieves all contact points for this collision.