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Gives access to subsystems which provide additional functionality through plugins.

Provides the ability to query for SubsystemDescriptors which enumerate features. Given an SubsystemDescriptor, you can create an Subsystem to utilize the subsystem.

Funciones Estáticas

GetAllSubsystemDescriptorsGets all of the currently known subsystem descriptors regardless of specific subsystem type.
GetInstancesReturns active Subsystems of a specific instance type.
GetSubsystemDescriptorsReturns a list of SubsystemDescriptors which describe additional functionality that can be enabled.


reloadSubsytemsCompletedCalled from SubsystemManager when it has completed reloading all XR SDK Provider packaged subsystems.
reloadSubsytemsStartedCalled from SubsystemManager before reloading all XR SDK Provider packaged subsystems.