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A Subsystem is initialized from a SubsystemDescriptor for a given Subsystem (Example, Input, Environment, Display, etc.) and provides an interface to interact with that given Subsystem until it is Destroyed. After a Subsystem is created it can be Started or Stopped to turn on and off functionality (and preserve performance). The base type for Subsystem only exposes this functionality; this class is designed to be a base class for derived classes that expose more functionality specific to a given Subsystem.

Note: initializing a second Subsystem from the same SubsystemDescriptor will return a reference to the existing Subsystem as only one Subsystem is currently allowed for a single Subsystem provider.


runningWhether or not the subsystem is running.

Funciones Públicas

DestroyDestroys this instance of a subsystem.
StartStarts an instance of a subsystem.
StopStops an instance of a subsystem.