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A pair of SphereColliders used to define shapes for Cloth objects to collide against.

A ClothSphereColliderPair can contain either a single valid SphereCollider instance (with the second one being null), or a pair of two SphereColliders. In the former cases the ClothSphereColliderPair just represents a single SphereCollider for the cloth to collide against. In the latter case, it represents a conic capsule shape defined by the two spheres, and the cone connecting the two. Conic capsule shapes are useful for modelling limbs of a character.

Select the cloth object to see a visualization of Cloth colliders shapes in the Scene view.


firstThe first SphereCollider of a ClothSphereColliderPair.
secondThe second SphereCollider of a ClothSphereColliderPair.


ClothSphereColliderPairCreates a ClothSphereColliderPair. If only one SphereCollider is given, the ClothSphereColliderPair will define a simple sphere. If two SphereColliders are given, the ClothSphereColliderPair defines a conic capsule shape, composed of the two spheres and the cone connecting the two.