Version: 2018.1
Customizing Your Workspace (Настройка рабочего пространства)
Создание геймплея.

Unity hotkeys

This page gives an overview of the default Unity keyboard shortcuts. You can also download a PDF of the table for Windows and MacOSX. Where a command has Ctrl/Cmd as part of the keystroke, this indicates that the Control key should be used on Windows and the Command key on MacOSX.

The Mac trackpad also has a number of shortcuts for navigating the Scene view. See Scene view navigation to learn more about these.

“Горячая” клавиша Command
Q Pan
W Move
E Rotate
R Scale
T Rect Tool
Z Pivot Mode toggle
X Pivot Rotation Toggle
V Vertex Snap
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+N New empty game object
Alt+Shift+N New empty child to selected game object
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+F Move to view
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F Align with view
Shift+F or double-F Locks the scene view camera to the selected GameObject
Ctrl/Cmd+1 Scene
Ctrl/Cmd+2 Game
Ctrl/Cmd+3 Inspector
Ctrl/Cmd+4 Hierarchy
Ctrl/Cmd+5 Project
Ctrl/Cmd+6 Animation
Ctrl/Cmd+7 Profiler
Ctrl/Cmd+9 Asset store
Ctrl/Cmd+0 Version Control
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+C Console
Ctrl/Cmd+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y (Windows only) Redo
Cmd+Shift+Z (Mac only) Redo
Ctrl/Cmd+X Cut
Ctrl/Cmd+C Copy
Ctrl/Cmd+V Paste
Ctrl/Cmd+D Duplicate
Shift+Del Delete
F Frame (centre) selection
Ctrl/Cmd+F Find
Ctrl/Cmd+A Select All
Ctrl/Cmd+P Play
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+P Pause
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+P Step
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+1 Load Selection 1
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+2 Load Selection 2
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+3 Load Selection 3
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+4 Load Selection 4
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+5 Load Selection 5
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+6 Load Selection 6
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+7 Load Selection 7
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+8 Load Selection 8
Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+9 Load Selection 9
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+1 Save Selection 1
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+2 Save Selection 2
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+3 Save Selection 3
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+4 Save Selection 4
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+5 Save Selection 5
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+6 Save Selection 6
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+7 Save Selection 7
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+8 Save Selection 8
Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+9 Save Selection 9
Ctrl/Cmd+R Refresh

Note: The following Animation hotkeys only work in the Animation window.

Shift+Comma First Keyframe
Shift+K Key Modified
K Key Selected
Shift+Period Last Keyframe
Period Next Frame
Alt+Period Next Keyframe
Space Play Animation
Comma Previous Frame
Alt+Comma Previous Keyframe

Customizing Your Workspace (Настройка рабочего пространства)
Создание геймплея.