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class in UnityEngine.VR.WSA.Sharing

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A batch of WorldAnchors which can be exported and imported between apps.


anchorCount(Read Only) Gets the number of world anchors in this WorldAnchorTransferBatch.

Public Functions

AddWorldAnchorAdds a WorldAnchor to the batch with the specified identifier.
DisposeCleans up the WorldAnchorTransferBatch and releases memory.
GetAllIdsGets all of the identifiers currently mapped in this WorldAnchorTransferBatch.
LockObjectLocks the provided GameObject to the world by loading and applying the WorldAnchor from the TransferBatch for the provided id.

Static Functions

ExportAsyncExports the input WorldAnchorTransferBatch into a byte array which can be passed to WorldAnchorTransferBatch.ImportAsync to restore the original WorldAnchorTransferBatch.
ImportAsyncImports the provided bytes into a WorldAnchorTransferBatch.


DeserializationCompleteDelegateThe handler for when deserialization has completed.
SerializationCompleteDelegateThe handler for when serialization is completed.
SerializationDataAvailableDelegateThe handler for when some data is available from serialization.