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class in UnityEngine.iOS

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iOS.LocalNotification is a wrapper around the UILocalNotification class found in the Apple UIKit framework and is only available on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

It represents notifications that an application can schedule for presentation to its user at specific dates and times. The operating system is responsible for delivering the notification at the specified time. Local notifications are similar to remote notifications but are scheduled and delivered locally and do not require connection with remote servers.

Local notifications are scheduled and handled using NotificationServices class.

Static Variables

defaultSoundNameThe default system sound. (Read Only)


alertActionThe title of the action button or slider.
alertBodyThe message displayed in the notification alert.
alertLaunchImageIdentifies the image used as the launch image when the user taps the action button.
applicationIconBadgeNumberThe number to display as the application's icon badge.
fireDateThe date and time when the system should deliver the notification.
hasActionA boolean value that controls whether the alert action is visible or not.
repeatCalendarThe calendar type (Gregorian, Chinese, etc) to use for rescheduling the notification.
repeatIntervalThe calendar interval at which to reschedule the notification.
soundNameThe name of the sound file to play when an alert is displayed.
timeZoneThe time zone of the notification's fire date.
userInfoA dictionary for passing custom information to the notified application.


LocalNotificationCreates a new local notification.