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class in UnityEditor

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GameObject utility functions.

Static Functions

AreStaticEditorFlagsSetReturns true if the passed in StaticEditorFlags are set on the GameObject specified.
GetNavMeshAreaGet the navmesh area index for the GameObject.
GetNavMeshAreaFromNameGet the navmesh area index from the area name.
GetNavMeshAreaNamesGet all the navmesh area names.
GetStaticEditorFlagsGets the StaticEditorFlags of the GameObject specified.
GetUniqueNameForSiblingGet unique name for a new GameObject compared to existing siblings. Useful when trying to avoid duplicate naming. When duplicate(s) are found, uses incremental a number after the base name.
SetNavMeshAreaSet the navmesh area for the gameobject.
SetParentAndAlignSets the parent and gives the child the same layer and position.
SetStaticEditorFlagsSets the static editor flags on the specified GameObject.