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Various settings for the bake.

The bake can be started via Lightmapping class.

See Also: Lightmapping.

Static Variables

aoExponentDirectAmbient occlusion (AO) for direct lighting.
aoExponentIndirectAmbient occlusion (AO) for indirect lighting.
aoMaxDistanceBeyond this distance a ray is considered to be unoccluded.
enableAmbientOcclusionEnable baked ambient occlusion (AO).
giBakeBackendDetermines which backend to use for baking lightmaps.
giPathTracerFilterDetermines the filtering kernel for the Progressive Path Tracer backend.
giPathTracerSamplingDetermines which sampling strategy to use for baking lightmaps with the path tracing backend.
maxAtlasHeightThe maximum height of an individual lightmap texture.
maxAtlasWidthThe maximum width of an individual lightmap texture.
paddingTexel separation between shapes.
realtimeResolutionLightmap resolution in texels per world unit. Defines the resolution of Realtime GI if enabled. If Baked GI is enabled, this defines the resolution used for indirect lighting. Higher resolution may take a long time to bake.
reflectionCubemapCompressionDetermines how Unity will compress baked reflection cubemap.
textureCompressionWhether to use texture compression on the generated lightmaps.