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class in UnityEngine.VR.WSA.Persistence

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The storage object for persisted WorldAnchors.


anchorCount(Read Only) Gets the number of persisted world anchors in this WorldAnchorStore.

Public Functions

ClearClears all persisted WorldAnchors.
DeleteDeletes a persisted WorldAnchor from the store.
GetAllIdsGets all of the identifiers of the currently persisted WorldAnchors.
LoadLoads a WorldAnchor from disk for given identifier and attaches it to the GameObject. If the GameObject has a WorldAnchor, that WorldAnchor will be updated. If the anchor is not found, null will be returned and the GameObject and any existing WorldAnchor attached to it will not be modified.
SaveSaves the provided WorldAnchor with the provided identifier. If the identifier is already in use, the method will return false.

Static Functions

GetAsyncGets the WorldAnchorStore instance.


GetAsyncDelegateThe handler for when getting the WorldAnchorStore from GetAsync.